Xpansion® Multiplate Bioreactor System

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Multiplate bioreactor for adherent cell culture

  • Closed and single-use to reduce risk of contamination
  • 2D multiplate design allows easy scale up from traditional multitray systems
  • Real-time control and monitoring ensures reproducibility and traceability
  • Single-use closed bioreactor , from vessel to sensors, reduces risk of contamination
  • Multiple sizes available to match the scale required
  • Compatible with Pall’s   mPath™ benchtop bioreactor control tower

The Xpansion multiplate bioreactor system is a closed, single-use system that has been specifically designed for the scale-up of shear-sensitive, adherent mammalian cells under controlled conditions. It is suitable for multiple applications but is especially well suited for seed train operations for the   iCELLis® bioreactor   as well as for adherent stem cell culture..

The Xpansion bioreactor system was developed for efficient scale-up of traditional 2D cell cultures. The multiplate structure is comprised of a large cell growth surface area (up to 122,400 cm2), while the compact design enables the elimination of the gas phase between the plates. This gas phase is replaced by an automatically controlled aeration system via disposable pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors. Temperature monitoring and agitation control are also included.

The Xpansion bioreactor system provides a similar microenvironment to a multitray stack but in a much more compact space and with fully automated environmental control. The 80 cm high Xpansion 200 bioreactor provides the same cell growth area as a 4 m high stack of multitray vessels.

The 80 cm high Xpansion 200 bioreactor provides the same cell growth area as a 20 multitray vessels

System Overview

Single-Use Bioreactor with Stacked Multiplate Design

Standard Cell Environment Preservation

Similar to multitray stacks, cells adhere and grow on hydrophilized polystyrene plates and are harvested using a cell dissociation reagent.

An Xpansion bioreactor plate

Because of its design, the system maintains the same environment as T-flasks or multitray stacks, and processes designed on these systems are easily adapted to the Xpansion system.

Cell Culture Parameters (pH, DO) Control and Temperature Monitoring

The Xpansion bioreactor head plate includes ports for single-use, optical, non-invasive measurement of pH and DO. Depending on the DO and pH measurement, gas regulation is activated via the controller according to users’ requirements.

Temperature is measured for monitoring via a PT100 reusable sensor installed in a thermowell of the bioreactor. Heating is provided by placing the consumable in an incubator or warm room.

Aeration System

Gas aeration occurs depending on user-specified pH and DO set-points measured using the pH and DO sensors. Gas from the controller enters the bioreactor and passes through thin silicone tubing placed in the central column formed by stacking the plates where it diffuses into the surrounding medium. The gas inlet and outlet include pre-installed hydrophobic aeration filters.

The Xpansion bioreactor aeration system

Homogenization by Medium Circulation

Each plate contains 16 radial channels allowing medium to flow through and up the plates. The rotation of the impeller pushes the liquid upward, first vertically through the first plate channel, then horizontally over the plate, then up again to the second plate, etc.

Circulation of culture medium throughout the Xpansion bioreactor plates

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