T-Series TFF Cassettes with Omega™ Membrane

High Performance Omega PES Membrane Combined with Significant Material and Design Improvements Deliver Highly Reliable Fluid Dynamics and Better Process Economics

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Materials of Construction


Omega polyethersulfone






Polyurethane with white pigment (TiO2)

Permeate Seals

Platinum cured silicone


Medical grade, platinum cured silicone

Operating Limits

Maximum Pressure1

6 barg (90 psig) @ 23 °C
4 barg (60 psig) @ 55 °C

Maximum TMP

4 barg (60 psig) @ 55 °C

Temperature Range2

-5 – 55 °C

pH Range

2 – 14

Pressure rating will be dependant on rating of the lowest system component.
2Cassettes must not be allowed to freeze.

Typical Operating Parameters

Cross Flow Rate for Processing

5 – 7 L/min/m2 (0.5 – 0.7 L/min/ft2)

Cross Flow Rate for Cleaning

8 – 10 L/min/m2 (0.8 – 1.0 L/min/ft2)

Integrity Test

Test Pressure

2 barg (30 psig)

Maximum Air Forward Flow

< 1600 sccm/m2 (< 150 sccm/ft2)

Shelf Life

The shelf life of cassettes packaged in 0.3 N sodium hydroxide is expected to be 4 (four) years from the date of manufacture when the cassettes are stored unopened in the original packaging at 4–25 °C and protected from direct light. Extended shelf life studies are ongoing. 

Biological Safety

All of the materials of construction in the T-Series cassettes have been tested and meet requirements for United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Biological Reactivity Test, In Vivo <88> at 70 °C.

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