S ingle Glass Bioreactor

The World's Most Customizable Set for Bioreactors and Fermenters with One Single Autoclavable Vessel

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Measures (W x H x D)

  • 640 x 790 x 450 mm; xCUBIO single with 0.5, 1 or 2 litre vessel

  • 740 x 790 x 450 mm; xCUBIO single with 5 or 10 litre vessel

  • 640 x 660 x 450 mm; xCUBIO single without thermostat


  • Borosilicate glass vessel with double jacket and round bottom

  • Stainless steel head plate with optimized port distribution

  • All parts with media contact are 1.4435/1.4571 stainless steel


  • 10”-touchscreen with intuitive menu design, 19” display available

  • Superior trend display with data analysis and visualization capabilities

  • Multiple control, sequencing and export functions (CSV, OPC, VNC, USB)

  • Free choice of sensors, actuators and automation level

Media Handling

  • Up to 10 peristaltic pumps

  • Free sizing of all pumps

  • Free pump purpose allocation

  • Independent drive for each pump

  • Digital or analogue drive selection

  • External pumps from lab to scale

Gas Handling

  • Up to 12 mass flow controllers

  • Rotameters for manual flow control

  • Up to four gasses, more possible

  • Input pressure reducers

  • Complex gassing regimes

  • High cell density cultivation possible

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