Octet® R2 Protein Analysis System

High Performance, Label-free Kinetics Characterization

Octet® R2 Protein Analysis System: Grows With Your Biomolecule Characterization Needs

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Detection Technology
Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) based on fiber optic biosensors
Biosensor Type
Disposable, single-use fiber optic biosensors with optional reuse by regeneration and/or re-racking in the biosensor tray
Data Presentation
Graphs displaying real-time kinetic binding sensorgrams, fitted result plots, and residuals of fits 
Concentration data analysis including calibration curves and output of tabulated concentration data
Epitope binning and cross-blocking matrices and trace overlays
Tabulated kinetic data

Number of Spectrometers
Maximum Simultaneous Reads
Data Collection Rate
2, 5 or 10 Hz
Sample Position and Format
1 standard 96-well, black, flat-bottom microplate
Sample Volume
180–220 µL/well
Nondestructive testing

Orbital Flow Capacity
Static or 400–1500 rpm
Analysis Temperature Range
15°C to 40°C, in 1°C increments
Quantitation and Kinetics
Up to 2 assays in parallel
Molecular Weight Detection
>150 Da
Analysis Time per Sample
hIgG quantitation in 2 minutes for 2 samples
Real-time kinetic binding experiments from 5 minutes to 4 hours for kinetic analysis

Association Rate Constant (ka)
101 to 107 M-1 s-1
Dissociation Rate Constant (kd)
10-6 to 10-1 s-1
Affinity Constant (KD)
1 mM – 10 pM
Quantitation Range
0.5 µg/mL to 2000 µg/mL (Human IgG and Protein A Biosensor) 
Protein - and assay-dependent

Baseline Noise (RMS)
<3.0 pm
Baseline Drift
< 0.1 nm/hour
Quantitation Precision
CV <10%
Weight 72 lb (32.7 Kg)
Dimensions (H X W X D)
19.5 in X 22 in X 18.2 in
(49 cm X 45 cm x 46 cm)

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