Kleenpak Sterile Connector

The disposable Kleenpak sterile connector allows for the dry connection of two separate fluid pathways, while maintaining the sterile integrity of both. The connector consists of a male and a female connector, each covered by a vented peel-away strip that protects the port and maintains the sterility of the sterile fluid pathway. Different connector options are available to allow for the connection of 15.8 mm ( in.), 13 mm (½ in.), 9.6 mm ( in.) or 6 mm (¼ in.) nominal tubing. Kleenpak sterile connectors can either be autoclaved up to 130 °C or Gamma sterilized.

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                                                                      Materials of Construction
                                                                      Material of Construction
                                                                      Connector body
                                                                      Rubber grommets
                                                                      Thermoplastic elastomer
                                                                      O ring
                                                                      Internally lubricated ethylene propylene
                                                                      Polycarbonate with TiO2
                                                                      Protective cap
                                                                      Peel-away strip
                                                                      Hydrophobic polyethersulfone
                                                                      Anti-actuation ring
                                                                      Thermoplastic elastomer
                                                                      Aqueous Extractables (NVR)
                                                                      Aqueous Extractables (NVR) Value
                                                                      Water at 20 - 25°C  after autoclaving at 130°C  Typically <1 mg
                                                                       Sterilization Methods
                                                                      Sterilization Method
                                                                      Gamma irradiation
                                                                      50 kGy
                                                                      75 minutes at 130°C 
                                                                      Operating Conditions
                                                                      Maximum operating pressure and temperature
                                                                      3 bar at 40°C 
                                                                      Connections (Male and Female)
                                                                      6 mm (1/4 in.) hose barb
                                                                      9.6 mm (3/8 in.) hose barb
                                                                      13 mm (1/2 in.) hose barb
                                                                      15.8 mm (3/8 in.) hose barb
                                                                      Nominal Dimensions

                                                                      6 mm (1/4 in)
                                                                      Hose Barb
                                                                      9.6 (1/4 in)
                                                                      Hose Barb
                                                                      13 mm (1/2 in)
                                                                      Hose Barb
                                                                      15.8 mm (5/8 in)
                                                                      Hose Barb
                                                                      Male KPCH T02M7 KPCHT02M10 KPCHT02M6 KPCHT02M11
                                                                      Female KPCHT02F7
                                                                      Internal diameter 5.5 mm (0.22 in.) 8.2 mm (0.32 in.) 12.2 mm (0.48 in.) 13.8 mm (0.54 in.)
                                                                      Length when actuated 173 mm (6.8 in.) 173 mm (6.8 in.) 123 mm (4.8 in.) 13.8 mm (0.54 in.)
                                                                      Female connector length with cap 80 mm (3.2 in.) 80 mm (3.2 in.) 55 mm (217 in.) 83 mm (3.27 in.)
                                                                      Maximum diameter of female connector 38 mm (1.48 in.) 38 mm (1.48 in.) 38 mm (1.48 in.)
                                                                      38 mm (1.48 in.)
                                                                      Male connector length with cap 125 mm (4.92 in.) 125 mm (4.92 in.) 100 mm (3.94 in.) 128 mm (5.04 in.)
                                                                      Maximum diameter of male connector 38 mm (1.48 in.) 38 mm (1.48 in.) 38 mm (1.48 in.) 38 mm (1.48 in.)
                                                                      Specifications and avaibility. The information provided is a guide to the part number structure and possible options. Product avaibility may be subject to change without notice. All specifications are nominal.

                                                                      Warning: This product is not sold sterelie. For use in making sterelie connections. each connector must tbe fitted to a closed single-use assembly that has been subjected to a validated sterilizing process

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