Photo Bioreactor

Proven Tubular Glass Design in Combination with Industrial Quality Equipment for Successful Phototrophic Projects from Lab to Scale

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Gassing/ CO2-feed

  • Standard :

Manually pulsed gassing via magnetic valves and rotameters

  • Optional :

Automatic controlled gas mix with MFCs with up to 6 gasses

Cultivation Temperature

  • Ambient control options project specific

  • Tempering direct and/or indirect

Automation Display

  • Touchscreen with 10”, up to 19” possible; intuitive menu structure; remote access 

  • Multiple control, sequencing and export functions (CSV, OPC, VNC, USB)


  • Standard :

pH (2...12)

Temperature (0...100 °C)

  • Optional :

pO2 (0...100 %)

pCO2 (0...100 %)

OD (0...4 CU)

Exh. O2 (0...25 Vol.-%)

Exh. CO2 (0...10 Vol.-%)

Many more...


  • Harvest system (harvest vessel, harvest pump, harvest device, separator interface)
  • Additional external pumps and balances
  • Integration of customized sensors, SCADA-connections or analytics on demand

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