Allegro™ XRS 25 Bioreactor System

Unique bi-axial agitation improves cell culture performance  

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General System Specifications

(W x D x H)


600 mm x 450 mm x 230 mm
664 mm x 379 mm x 331 mm (allow for 200 mm lid overhang at the rear of the platform, and factor in an additional 370 mm for height when the lid is open)


Platform 78 kg (104 kg filled) (with filled biocontainer bag)

20 kg
78 kg (104 kg filled)


Gas connections
Gas flow control
TMFC pressurized air
TMFC oxygen
TMFC carbon dioxide
TMFC nitrogen

Inlet and outlet quick connectors 6 mm OD
0 - 1000 mL/min
0 - 1000 mL/min
0 - 1000 mL/min
0 - 1000 mL/min


Quantity and connection

3 x variable speed peristaltic pumps, 0 - 211 rpm, maximum tubing OD 8 mm


Inlet filter

0.2 μm single-use filter

Gas delivery
Exhaust filter
Exhaust heater

Gas mix injected into biocontainer bag headspace
0.2 μm single-use filter
Silicone heater mat

Bi-Axial Agitation


1 - 35 rpm


-15 to +15 degrees in both X and Y directions
Stepper motor controlled


Working volumes
Temperature control
Temperature range
pH control
Dissolved oxygen control

2 - 25 liters
Heating blanket, ambient convective cooling
10 - 40 °C
6 - 8, integrated single-use optical sensor
0 - 100%, integrated single-use optical sensor

The Allegro XRS 25 bioreactor system is available as a standard product; however, both the bioreactor hardware and consumables can be customized. Our teams are specialized in upstream and downstream processing and will gladly help find the right technology for any part of your manufacturing process. It is possible to combine the Allegro products to meet any requirement in the upstream part of the process:
  • Media preparation
  • Buffer preparation
  • Media sterilization and aseptic transfer
  • Liquid transfer into the bioreactor (e.g. glucose, anti-foam, base, etc.)
  • Seed train solutions
  • Cell harvest and separation
  • Perfusion modules

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