Pall Biotech Advanced System Solution (PASS)

ASS offers integrated process solutions that meet regulatory, industry and customer requirements at all levels

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PASS is a process engineering and project management capability supporting applications within bioprocessing. Facilities across the world deliver excellence in bioprocess engineering and project management, from initial enquiry stage through project development to final installation, testing and approval; providing customers with highly skilled resources to enable lean and process tailored operations, process scale-up and economical process solutions. Pall Biotech’s PASS team qualifies and validates system performance and offers technical support, while ensuring global regulatory compliance.

Key Services and Competences:

Provision of Basic Process and Facility Design

  • Mass balance creation and optimization

  • Equipment list selection

  • Facility layout evaluation based on equipment list selection

  • Product flow optimization from unit operation to unit operation

  • Interconnection of units and intermediate storage capacities

  • Additional manifolds, disposables, pumps as required

Equipment Servicing

  • Change of wear parts in accordance to service intervals 

  • Replacement of defective instruments, components, apertures 

  • Service management and wear parts handling 

  • Protocols and reports to provide a full documentation of service activities 

  • Emergency calls and interventions 

    Provide Flexible Automation Options

    • Island automation: increase harmonization across visual and automation platforms for standard systems; inbuilt flexibilty to provide a choice of automation platform

    • Plant level automation: from connection to plant SCADA, to full automation by plant DCS 


      • Design of the equipment based on mass balance requirements for optimum process flow and maximized yield

      Training Capabilities

      • On-site training on equipment at the point of delivery and installation 

      • On-site training provided by experts with in depth process knowledge 

      • E-training support for standard equipment to support on the job assistance and operator certification 


        • Tailor platform-based systems to meet process requirements, including usability and flexibility from initial concept to final design stage